The Klemp Transcriptions Pt #1 of more (I think).

Centered and bold are the words of The Klempmaster, Harold Eck himself. 

(in parenthesis are notes about the nonverbal expressions one might see live on Klemp’s face)…..


This story is from Nigeria

(4 eye blinks)

There has been much political turmoil

in that country

(3 eye blinks)

And the members of Eckankar

(3 eye blinks)


(eyes closed plus 1 eyes blink)

Gained from the spiritual lessons that

occur during time of hardship

(4 eye blinks)

(1 eyes closed)

Now (with eyes closed)

(a sigh)

(a “tick” sound)

I don’t know how better to say it, but,

(3 eye blinks)

People learn spiritual lessons better

when times are hard

(4 blinks)

(1 deep inhale)

(1 blink)

Now.  America.

The United States of America.

(3 blinks)

has been enjoying

(3 blinks)

an unprecedented

(long pause) _cough in audience_


(3 blinks)

Some call it a bubble

(smirk, licks lips)

For many years with one dip

(1 blink)

in the early ’90s

(2 blinks)

And so people lose their ability.

To listen

To the voice of God.

Things are so good.

They can buy…so many…things.

Bigger TV sets



High Definition TV

I know some of you are laughing in Europe because you have it.


And COMPUTERS. Let’s not forget computers.

Its possible to go into the virtual world of a computer

And get totally absorbed in an unreal world,

So that it no longer matters whether:

the sun shines


the rain falls

(Minnesotan accent)

oh yah

But we come home after work

Its more computers

Computers at work, computers at home

Computers early, computers late.

Computers! COMPUTERS!

When its not computers, its TV!

OR Movies!

We’re virtually Alive!

Or another way of saying it is

we’re virtually dead…spiritually!

I know this comes as a shock

but I realized too, as I spent…

oh, let’s see….

About twelve years on a computer before I got sick in 1994,

and wasn’t able to use

a computer anymore.

I learned how it had absorbed all my time.

I was online.

The internet was just coming on

…and I was on the internet looking around

I was in chat rooms

Talking to many of you

With Dream Classes, Dreams Rooms.

I did that.

I been there

(great smirk!!!)

But I got out of it in one piece. 

(full smile)


(he is lauging)

but Barely.

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