It is getting difficult to remember how life was before beercellar. I’ve been stashing away beer, sorting beer, arranging beer, keeping beer cool and dark, admiring beer, envying others beer, dreaming about beer, and drinking beer for over 15 years now.

There’s no method.  There’s no theory.  There’s barely even any reality.  There’s just beer.

I like having  a lot of beer. It feels good, at least most of the time. Sometimes I wish I had less beer so I sort through it and pour the shit down the drain. And I focus on drinking the beer I have before bringing home more beer I don’t have. In general, having beer is a good thing. I recommend it.

Now, let’s drink.

Shot of the cellar in April 2008

Shot of the cellar in April 2008


11 Responses to Beercellar

  1. Mike Keeling says:

    For some reason, after skimming around your blog, I’m thirsty. I might have to convince Ted to part with some those beers he never drinks down in his basement.

    • beercellar says:

      Hey Mike. You should just tell Ted that they aren’t going to get any better than they are now…and that he’s wasting all his money if he doesn’t drink them soon, preferably with you and me! Maybe we should all get together soon for a little beer drinking?


      • Turd says:

        I did have an Oerbier last week that held up quite nicely. The Bernardus Tripel and Abt 12 were definitely past their prime, but drinkable. I’m sure at least 30% of my stock are duds, though. I’m all up for clearing out my supply soon. I’ll be in touch with some flat beers (and maybe a couple good ones). May have to dump a few.

      • beercellar says:

        I had an old Oerbier not too far back as well. I thought it was too sweet and boring, but I do recall you digging that Gulden Draak stuff, which is as sweet as can be. The guy I shared the Oerbier with was initially unimpressed, but then claimed he was really warming up to it. Do you have any of the Oerbier Reserva?

        I could help make your old beer collection famous, Turd. Maybe I should come over and photograph it. I’m sure it would make for some good blog fodder…

      • turd says:

        No Oerbier Reserva. The Oerbier was a little sweet, but it didn’t taste past it’s prime – had enough funk to be interesting. Yes, I’m not as much into the sweet ales as I used to be. I do have some old Gulden Draak if we want to have a sweetfest – see if we can stand it.

        My collection is fairly picked over and expired. You’re welcome to take a gander.

      • beercellar says:

        Funky? Sour? Oerbier used to be sour, and was pretty good. I’m guessing if yours was funky, it was probably an accident or slight infection over time, and not something intentional…and probably not one of the pre-1998 bottles that would have been the original sour stuff. Is it possible it is that old?

      • turd says:

        Sorry – I meant sour. Slightly horsy even. Might be considered funk by those that don’t like it. I’ve come to like sour ales more over time so I was using the term endearingly. I’ll work on refining my jargon.

        I probably purchased the Oerbier within the last 4-5 years. I’ve got one more of the same age.

      • beercellar says:

        Nah…I knew what you meant…I was just wondering if it was sour, or just wild yeast barnyard stuff…

  2. pat*omic ranch says:

    anyone in the cellar? hello!!

  3. This made me laugh for an extended time.

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