About Time I Said Something about Sean Barret…this guy on facebook.

Some stuff that should be recorded here, from a guy calling himself Sean Barret on Facebook.  His words for all eternal:

Mine wether its a nightmare or a dream its always sad for in the end theres no one to share the awareness of the experience with… Even when i want to transform it, i do not have anyone dear to me whom can consciously agree on an excersize that ive discovered this beautifull love song instead i envy you who have eck centres and temples to run to in other to feel the energy of the same like minds instead i become as sad as the stray wolf howling at the moon when i close my eyes to sing Hu….

I leave in a dream, nightmare is my reality i want to pray but i donno if i believe da priests anymore i keep searching for myself hoping i’ll find my body n wake up instead when i arrive home n i open da door to my room my body is gone n da dream is my life reality is my nightmare i need to awaken from this illusion that has everybody sleeping but no one wants accept that they’re dreaming this reality which is da population of the thoughts of God refused to be accepted as they are. the brain children of God hence we are gods.

ABOVE the horizon below the heavens lies a place that sings with hues of anticipations hopes of that which is believed 2b intangible manifesting as possibilities that we could truly love should we let ourselves to be susceptible to beauty that exist in us when we are captured by it. smile people we are all beautiful and that’s truly love.

Sum curses r actualy blessings dat requires to act boldly to cultivate positive result 4rm ’em so whatever ur curse is, it might b ur hidden strengh.

All i wanna do is to run of da highest structure jump n dive into freedom flight.

Prayers scribed in digital landscapes hope passed thru synapses transmitted on android Tablets tabloids imagination released as telepathic newsfeed streaming pornography to stimulate vissualization bewarnd reptalians on semen they feed dont bleed or blink

I’m blunting @ wrk nyce!

Money 2 me is instrumental the tempo measurement of how i construct in this mundane reality called by earth plane.

sleepless dreamless oh what a mess 2 b lost in this vortex wondering aimless into da abyss da darkness stirring into my soul hw blaq r u when da hologram of light shines thru u!

I can’t wait till i’m thru this dense Forest of deluded truths.

Help my dad wants to b my friend on facebook!


Little Mr. T

Sean Barret amazing things the net can do hey! do you happen to what is his name he’s got potential i wonder who is his mother she has to be one incredible women around i mean check out his hair cut bru!!

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