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About Time I Said Something about Sean Barret…this guy on facebook.

Some stuff that should be recorded here, from a guy calling himself Sean Barret on Facebook.  His words for all eternal: Mine wether its a nightmare or a dream its always sad for in the end theres no one to … Continue reading

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The Flight

There was a lady with a baby Young baby and young lady Baby was young enough to fly for free –PERK of being young I guess Lady was on her own– ‘cept for the baby I mean It was Omaha … Continue reading

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It’s All About Focus

I talk a lot about Focus on these pages, these posts.  Even if you don’t notice that is what I’m talking about. It is. It is all about Focus. I mean, that’s what makes the Etruscan Water Moose mean what … Continue reading

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Harold Klemp’s Quirks and Foibles Or: The Cult of Klemp Or: Beltin’ HU

In the Beercellar’s Blog’s now classic and most famous post About Time I Said Something About Harold Klemp… I talked a lot about Truth and a little about the secrets of Truth (which I felt were very untruthful).   Since that … Continue reading

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About time I said something about Harold Klemp…

First, a shot of the beer I’m drinking: It is certainly time that I put some substance into this drunkard’s chronicle.  At some point when you drink, you hit upon something a bit profound…your mind seems to open up a … Continue reading

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