It’s All About Focus

God's Eckankar Playground

Eckankar World Center: God’s Playground

I talk a lot about Focus on these pages, these posts.  Even if you don’t notice that is what I’m talking about. It is. It is all about Focus. I mean, that’s what makes the Etruscan Water Moose mean what it does anyway…systems. focus. dreams. God and the playground. They all amble together like a drunken memory.

A person starts to wonder: If I do obliterate my mind on a regular basis, is there a point where complete obliteration occurs? The mind seems unstoppable. Impenetrable  Only from the Mind of Minolta. The last like 2 seconds are just mesmerizing in this:

One of the challenges we face in life is the constant onslaught. Now, no one of us asked to be onslaughted, did we? I mean, I sure as hell didn’t, and I’m pretty doggone sure you didn’t. Yet the onslaught never seems to abate. So, we have a choice to make. Do we give in to, surrender to, acquiesce to, or allow the onslaught? We simply can’t do that. Not if we expect to maintain any sort of harmony between our body and our soul. And that should be our expectation. That’s a great hope to have. A great thing to put into accordance with your living.

We must fight the onslaught. We must stave it off. Refute and rebuke it. We do not like onslaught. We unfriend it. We erase it from our awareness…whoops. We’ve just acquiesced, haven’t we? Is it enough to ignore and not combat? Ignorance is surrender, isn’t it? Or was that “Stupidity is Ignorant”? It was some bumper sticker like that which once inspired me to great aspirations…oh, this is a good one:

Jesus Is My Airbag

Bumper Stickers can inspire, amuse, confuse, aggravate, and infuriate. Kid proven.

But really…the question persists: Is it enough to ignore and not combat? And by that, what I mean is that the question continues to exist. Unanswered. At least in the words that I am typing. But this is scofflaw. This is contempt for the question. This is contempt for the onslaught. This is oblivian. Dreams. Truth. Solitude. Unity. Airballs.

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Craft Brewers Conference

Heading to DC next week for a work junket.  Here’s the map I’ve constructed so far. Hoping to see some outrageous cherry blossom action while I’m at it.

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A decadent meal for one.



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The Quest for Perfect Guacamole

The finshed Product

The finshed Product

I love Guacamole. Just mashing up some avocados plain would probably do it for me, but I’m always messing around hoping to create something sublime.

Here’s the ingredients:

2 ripe Haas Avocados
2 Plump Jalapeno Peppers (seeded and chopped)
2 tsp sea salt (way way too much!)
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp Cayenne powder
1 tsp ground oregano
1 tsp crushed black pepper

I use an avocado masher. Scoop out the avocado (removing the huge seeds) and add the chopped Jalapeno. Mash it up. Add spices. Stir with a spoon thoroughly. Cover and refridgerate for one hour. Remove, stir, add chips and eat!

In the past I’ve not measured ingredients. I used way too much salt on this one. Very dissapointing. That could be cut down to half a tsp I think…only then could I say if the other spices were too much. The heat with the cayenne and Jalapenos was moderate and just about right for me.

Cilantro is often used. I like it, but didn’t have any on hand for this batch.

ripe avocados

ripe avocados



Chopped Jalapenos

Chopped Jalapenos

Haas Avacodos

Haas Avacodos

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Mahr’s Leicht: Expensive Shit

I keep drinking this Mahr’s Leicht, but I just can’t get drunk from it. I think they are watering it down, just like Anheuseur-Busch waters down its beer. Can you believe you can buy 30 12-ounce cans of a fermented grain, presumably mashed, sparged, and then boiled with hops, for $16.99 at the local C-store? Is it a coincidence that it is so easy for the big brewers to crank out tens of thousands of cans of drinking water during natural disasters?

Busch Lite 30x12oz cans= 360 fl oz/128=2.8125 gallons.

If I purchased the cheapest bulk R/O water I can find, it costs 40cents per gallon. That equals $1.13 to get 2.8125 gallons. That’s way better than $17.00, but of course there must be transport costs…and packaging costs involved with the beer. At the very least that must be considered likely. The bulk R/O just goes from municpal water supply through a bulk R/O contraption and into my handy dandy reusable container.

Compared to bulk, bring your own container for filling, R/O water at the supermarket, Busch Lite costs loads more.  A gallon of Busch Lite cans costs $6.04444444444444444. That means a gallon of Busch Lite costs about 15 times as much as a gallon of bulk, unpackaged, R/O water.  WOW!!! That’s some expensive shit!!!

A gallon of Mahr’s Leicht costs $37.869822485297.  That is just about 95 times as much as a gallon of bulk R/O water. Busch Lite costs about 6 times as much as Mahr’s Leicht.

I’m very curious to know what a typical convenience store selling these 30-pk Busch Lite cases gets in gross profit on each sale. Then, what about the local distributor? They invest craploads of cash into lugs who lug beer around in trucks for them. I wonder what they have to make off a truckload in a typical day?

Man, Mahr’s Leicht tastes about 10 or 20 times better than Busch Lite could ever taste. And it only costs about 6 times as much! But does Mahr’s Leicht taste 95 times better than R/O water…that is a tough question.

Do factors matter?

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I smell a proposal in the air

Currently drinking Blaugies Saison. It really feels like it is bringing some light into my soul. Like Eck 😉 Wouldn’t it be fun if that John Prine song “Aw Heck” was actually, “Aw Eck”? Man, maybe it secretly is. Maybe that was the first version, but Prine decided to change it to make it a bit more mainstream and to keep his religious beliefs private.  Maybe…

Halloween happens to be an anniversary day for me. Strange coincidence. But I’m not talking about a wedding proposal. I’m talking about a proposal for the future worker in me. Things just can’t continue how they are. I need a small change, but to get it I might have to make a big change. Simple sense it makes.

Moving on to Prairie Artisan Ales aptly named Prairie Ale, a saison bottle conditioned with brett. Just like the Barbarians used to do it.

This is Prairie Ale courtesy of Prairie Artisan Ales from  Oklahoma

This is Prairie Ale courtesy of Prairie Artisan Ales from Oklahoma

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Best Song of 2012: John Prine’s “Illegal Smile”

That’s right. Best song of 2012. Laughing Buddha and Super Lemon Haze. You bet.

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