The quest for the perfect margarita

Tequila Heals

A tribute to tequila I drew

Therapy comes in surprising forms. In fact, in my impromptu post Ways to Deal with Itthe first thing I list are most of the ingredients for a margarita. It comes before marijuana and chopping wood, fer chrissakes.  3 years ago, I didn’t drink tequila.  Now, I don’t like to go for a week without it.

Tequila is a real place. Es una ciudad de México, en el estado de Jalisco. Jalisco is a state on the western side of Mexico (part of it just brushing up against the wonderful Pacific Ocean), though it extends well into the interior. The town of Tequila is not far from Guadalajara, just a bit north and a bit west.  I’ve never been there, though I have been to Spain.

Tequila doesn’t have to come only from Tequila or even the state of Jalisco, however. It can come from quatro otros estados en México. Three of the 4 other states border Jalisco. They basically surround it. To the north is Nayarit, to the south is Michoacán, and to the east is Guanajuato (the only landlocked Tequila-producing state). Further to the east and disconnected from any of the other Tequila-producing states is Tamaulipas. Tamaulipas borders Texas to the north and the Gulf of Mexico to the east. Got it?  Here’s a map so you can see these states:

Political Map of Mexico

Political Map of Mexico

For now, there ends the background exploration of the key ingredient in a margarita: Tequila. Tequila isn’t the only wonderful ingredient in the margarita, however.  There are others, and many variations on that theme. The origins of the drink aren’t so clear, but the story of the cocktail doesn’t interest me at this point nearly as much as the ingredients and the mixture itself. The other essential stuff:

Lime juice (freshly squeezed)

Orange Liqueur (Cointreau-my current preference-, Combier, Grand Marnier, etc triple sec)


That’s basically the classic, perfect margarita…proportions can vary to taste.

Citrus fruit is such a wonderful, wonderful thing…and although limes are one of my favorite, there are others that simply beg to be squeezed into a shaker and mixed with alcohol and ice.  Meyer Lemons. Clementines. I like those a lot in my margaritas. Here’s a beautiful, live action, cell phone pic:

Citrus Fruit is my friend

Citrus fruit is my friend. Lime, Meyer Lemon, Clementine

When I put this all together, this is what I get:

Margarita Nirvana

Margarita Nirvana

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